Webinar Series: The Onus is On Us – How Higher Education Can Close the Skills Gap

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Join us for three webinars to explore the workplace skills gap – the creation, tools for narrowing it and strategies that are being employed by higher education institutions to bridge the path from student success to employee success.


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Time for a paradigm shift? 
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Kate Sawyer asks if it’s time to rethink where and how often we teach critical thinking, problem solving and information skill sets. She will delve into the advantages to students, faculty, and administrators of such a shift, what it would look like, and what challenges it entails. REGISTER FOR THE ARCHIVED RECORDING.


From School to Work: Bridging the Skills Gap 
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Laurie Burruss will speak to the ways in which education is transitioning from a 20th century approach heavily reliant on rote learning, to a 21st century model emphasizing a balance of “hard” and “soft” skills. She will explore the continuum of activities that will help graduates move from school to work. REGISTER FOR THE ARCHIVED RECORDING


Reimagining & Reinforcing Student Success Into Career Success Across the Curriculum
This webinar has ended. Please register to view the archived recording.

Kate Sawyer will describe how we can reimagine today’s essential workplace competencies for students across the curriculum. She will discuss ways to reinforce those skills in all higher level major courses, while at the same time providing program-specific benchmarks for assessment. REGISTER FOR THE ARCHIVED RECORDING

Author: Duncan Whitmire

Marketing Writer, Before joining Credo in 2012, Duncan worked in the circulation department of his local public library, and as a Student Services Coordinator in a school for children with special needs. In his free time he writes fiction that has been published in dozens of literary magazines and anthologies.