Webinar Recap: Reimagining & Reinforcing Student Success Into Career Success Across the Curriculum

We recently wrapped up our 3-part webinar series, The Onus is On Us: How Higher Education Can Close the Skill Gap. Higher ed consultant Kate Sawyer joined us to discuss how to reimagine existing curricula to better prepare students with the career skills they will need to thrive in the Knowledge Economy. Watch the full webinar recording here (slides).

Kate explored how to reimagine, reinforce, and redefine today’s essential workplace competencies by inserting critical thinking, problem solving, and communications skill development into instructor’s existing academic program/course/assignments/assessments.

In this webinar, Kate talked about:

  • Using authentic practices to better assess student outcomes
  • Adapting current curricula to include “soft skills” like critical thinking, problem solving, and communications
  • Integrating career skills into assignments—including alternatives to term papers
  • Scaffolding lesson plans, rubrics, and more

Watch the full webinar recording here, and stay tuned for more webinars from education thought leaders, coming soon!

Author: Duncan Whitmire

Marketing Writer, Before joining Credo in 2012, Duncan worked in the circulation department of his local public library, and as a Student Services Coordinator in a school for children with special needs. In his free time he writes fiction that has been published in dozens of literary magazines and anthologies.