February 5, 2017

How We Do It

Do your students have the research, inquiry, and critical evaluation skills needed to …

  •   succeed in their Gen Ed and major courses?
  •   to land a good job?
  •   to launch a successful career?

Institutions often struggle with paper-based assessment processes as well as tracking and measuring student performance in key skill areas needed for college and career success. Credo Education offers assessment management solutions with workflow and reporting tools to help campuses assess, measure, track, and analyze student learning. Here’s how we do it …

Credo Education Skills Mapping Framework

Learning outcome meta-data tagging at the question and rubric criteria levels allows you to map and track foundational skill development within and across courses and programs. The skills mapping framework encompasses …

critical thinking information literacy
written and oral communication quantitative reasoning and logic
civic engagement and global citizenship culture and diversity
custom institutional or program-specific learning outcomes  digital and financial literacy
and more!
Based on the AAC&U Value Rubrics, ACRL, Paul-Elder standards, and more

Build an inventory of current skills assessments, align and compare assessments across courses and sections, and identify areas of balance or gaps. Our Framework makes it possible to create common reporting on core competencies as well as domain objectives and compare across Gen Ed, major courses, and programs – even in a decentralized assessment environment.

Assessment Workflow Automation

Through a suite of embeddable tools that can be configured to capture and measure student learning, we automate assessment workflows and create a single home to review course assignments, deploy and review assessments, and automatically report assessment results. The time spent working across multiple, disparate assessment and reporting systems is reduced by ingesting existing faculty assessment instruments.

Integrate directly with any Learning Management System (LMS) through LTI 1.1 for a seamless student

Assessment Reporting & Intelligence

With the Credo Education Platform, you can:

  • Streamline assessment reporting
  • Complete comparative and longitudinal reporting
  • Gain deep insight into students’ foundational skill development
  • Simplify skills measurement for faculty and assessment leaders

Closed-loop reporting supports faculty instruction in near-time and allows assessment leaders to prepare reports for institutional effectiveness and accreditation initiatives. Trackable student progression from Gen Ed to majors to jobs is made possible through a combination of closed loop reporting and flexible reporting dashboards. You can even build cross-campus and comparative views of foundational skill dissemination and attainment.