March 4, 2018

Foundational Skills Solutions

Credo’s solution set is aligned around continuous instructional improvement – the key to a well-rounded campus-wide foundational skills culture. Your institution may excel in some areas but need some support in others. We’ll work with you to identify any gaps that need to be filled or existing programs which could be strengthened within your campus’ unique foundational skills strategy.



A robust approach to consistent measurement is best delivered by taking assessment further; down to the sub-skill level

A deeper layer of skill assessment enables powerful alignment of faculty, student, and administrator interests along near- and long-term learning outcome improvement goals. The Credo skills tagging framework enables both centralized, institution-led, and decentralized faculty or program-led assessment methods. Whether an institution opts to utilize their own well-established rubrics, faculty developed tools, content, and assessment, or Credo’s own library of instruments, consistent measurement is maintained. Ultimately, all measurement data is captured and available through a single repository in the Credo Insights analytics platform.

  • Consistent measurement across Gen Ed and majors of student foundational skills
  • Flexible assessment design which can incorporate existing rubrics and strategies
  • Course-embedded delivery via the campus LMS


Foundational skill instruction is most successful when explicitly taught.

Developed by educators, instructional designers, and subject matter experts, Credo’s Courseware offers high quality e-learning instructional content and the assessment tools needed to measure and report on academic competencies all in one easy-to-use platform. Provide faculty with the resource they need to align foundational skill development with specific classroom instruction, and give them the freedom to focus on their discipline rather than skills remediation.

  • Select lessons from a library of customizable e-learning content
  • Assess near- and long-term learning outcomes
  • treamline campus-wide instruction and assessment


Faculty are the experts in their specific domains but not necessarily experts in foundational skill instruction

Building an effective, integrated foundational skills strategy requires collaboration and coordination across all academic programs, each with their own pedagogy and assessment practices. Credo’s deep experience strategizing with faculty leadership and training faculty is employed in various ways to build and support a high-impact foundational skills culture on campus.

  • Create a faculty fellows program to increase collaboration and faculty led leadership
  • Support consistent skill development with on-campus and online workshops & webinars
  • Enable sharing of best practices with workshops and campus-specific content libraries