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Credo Education Foundational Skills Solutions

In order to prepare students for the future world of work, higher education must empower students with foundational skills that enable them to continuously learn and adapt to new challenges in real time. Credo Education supports both instruction and assessment of foundational skills, giving your institution the tools it needs to effectively prepare students for college and career success.


Report student performance on foundational skills by course, program, or campus-wide to support the requirements of accreditation and other stakeholders.


Streamline cross-curriculum data collection by using a single platform for instructor scoring, with all assessments mapped to your learning outcomes.


Align your course assessments with foundational skills and simplify grading of student artifacts in a streamlined platform that connects to your LMS gradebook – all while utilizing data in the near term to adjust your assessment approach.


Build foundational skills through authentic learning experiences and get feedback on your progress as you complete course assignments, earning badges or certificates along the way.

Credo Education

Are you teaching and assessing foundational skills?
Balance your institutional reporting needs, classroom instruction, and assessment
  • Automate Skill Measurement

    Your faculty are already teaching and assessing foundational skills in their courses, but capturing the impact consistently and systematically is challenging yet critical. Now you can easily automate data capture and measurement at the sub-skill learning outcome level from course assignments through programmatic capstone projects across the institution, all without disrupting classes.

  • Streamlined Scoring

    Paper based scoring and manually combining spreadsheets are a thing of the past. Faculty grade assessments with online rubrics; scoring data simultaneously populates the course LMS gradebook and learning outcome reports.

  • Powerful Insights

    Reports on student performance at the course, program, or campus level empower your institution to plan for long term change - all while supporting faculty with data to improve their classroom.

  • Impactful Instruction

    Whether supplementing course materials or used for remediation, Credo’s instructional content and learning assessments give students an opportunity to improve foundational skills through scaffolded learning authentic assessments and scenarios engaging multimedia integrated assessments. All Credo content is backwards designed from proven standards such as AAC&U VALUE Rubrics, Paul & Elder, ACRL.

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